Different Kinds of Demolition Techniques

Different Kinds of Demolition Techniques

Two of the most basic factors that can affect the entire demolition process are location and the building material. Any good demolition company should be able to accommodate any technique that your demolition needs would require. Here are two of the most common techniques that are used in a building demolition:

Crane and Ball Technique

A crane and ball technique utilize a wrecking ball that weighs up to 13,500 pounds. This technique can be used to bring down a masonry and concrete building by dropping or swinging the wrecking ball right into the building. This technique should only be implemented by a trained and skilled worker like Ayala Demolition. Only a highly skilled crane operator can control the levelness in swinging the wrecking ball making sure to hit the target.

Implosion Technique

The explosive material that will be used during a building implosion must be strategically positioned inside the building and the time of detonation should be set perfectly to ensure that the building will collapse at the right time with minimal to no damage to the surroundings. This technique is mostly used during a demolition of huge buildings in the urban areas.  With the implosion technique, proper analysis of the building structure is of great importance to make sure that explosives are strategically placed. Studying the blueprint as well as examining the actual structure is essential.

Strip Out or Selective Technique

This technique is best if you wish to salvage and re-use some of the building materials. Selective exterior and interior materials can be salvaged, which you can use for your future building. This technique could help you save money for your next structure; however, the entire demolition process could be very intensive and time-consuming.

Ayala Demolition are licensed to perform any technique that your building may require. Choosing Ayala Demolition can guarantee you that you are putting your demolition needs in good hands and the assurance of a safe and thorough process. Get your quote today!